Since 2017 Stefan Demming and Michael Rieken working together on their project „Ich Orgel“.  „Ich-Orgel“ (I-Organ) is a reactive sound and light installation as well as a tool for an an audiovisual performance. It creates an interpretations of the organ music by J.S. Bach.  „Ich-Orgel“ used short loops of  Bach organ music recorded by Jeanne Demessieux in 1956. These loops goes through different kinds of electronic processing and mixing there signals to 6 different loudspeakers. 42 globe light bulbs will also react to the gestures of visitors of the installation or the the sound itself on the performance version.

The installation version was shown from 25th Mai 2017 until 27th Mai 2017  in the Zwinglikirche in Berlin. The performances took place on 15th September 2017 in the St. Pancratius Kerk in Haaksbergen/NL and on 23h September 2017 in the Stiftskerk, Weerselo/NL


Video extracts from the performances in the St. Pancratius Kerk in Haaksbergen/NL and in the Stiftskerk, Weerselo/N you find here

A new version of  „Ich Orgel“ by Michael Rieken  called „mighty real“ was shown at the „Was ist wahr? exhibitions in the Morat Institut, Freiburg in 2018 and the Kunstmuseum Singen in 2019.


„mighty real“ – Morat Institut Freiburg 2018

„mighty real“ – Kunstmuseum Singen 2019



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